New Services from Google My Business

Do you have your profile ready at Google My Business? If so, you can take advantage of some new goodies from Google.

Google My Business has already been showcasing your business and giving you the opportunity to share information about your organization with local searchers. Now they’re producing fancy graphics for you in multiple formats — for free.

Marketing kit

Google will auto-generate for you some stickers, table tents, posters and postcards, and social media posts based on your Google My Business reviews and information.

There are multiple designs. We think the one below would work for Halloween, but Google promises seasonal updates, too.

You can post these graphics to your social media accounts with just one click.

There’s a video, too.

Google will even mail you a window sticker.

We’re Google fans. One of the reasons is that Google provides more cool, free stuff for educators and entrepreneurs than anybody else. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.


Appointments URL

Google My Business has gone by different names over the years. It’s the listing that shows your business on local maps. You can now add a link to the page at your website where you let visitors book appointments.

If you decide to use this feature, make sure that the page you send people to is a good landing page.

You might expect website visitors to reach your appointments page from your homepage, after doing their research. Your bookings page might even be off your website entirely, at a booking engine or patient portal. If you choose to send people their from Google My Business, make sure your booking page has all the background information needed, including a map and phone number, links to your insurance policies, and so forth.

Get messages

Download the Google My Business app on your phone, verify the phone number, and click “Turn On” for messages.

If you don’t see messaging or the “Turn On” button, you may not be allowed to use these features yet. Check back later. The messaging option is being rolled out gradually, and it may not yet be available to you. Note that only the owner of the listing can turn on messaging.

You can use the default message, or create your own response to customers who message you.

Don’t delay

Check out these offerings from Google, and check back frequently to see their new styles and options.

If you know Google well, you know that things can change or disappear quickly. Take advantage of these new features while you can!






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    I love all these new services from Google My Business. We can surely benefit from these new features. Yes, things can change or disappear quickly, so let’s just take advantage of these while we can! Thank you for sharing!

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