A Nonprofit’s Website Makeover

OHC is a health and wellness focused community action agency serving three counties in Northwest Arkansas. They’ve been administering Senior Activity and Wellness Centers, providing Meals on Wheels, and assisting low-income residents of their largely rural counties to apply for government and charitable services for many years.

Their old website had some issues. It didn’t make good use of space, some links led to broken pages, and the overall look was dated and didn’t portray the character of the organization well. OHC also found that people assumed they were a government social services office, and thought that the red, white, and blue color scheme of their website might be part of the reason.


We’re getting ready to launch a new website for OHC. The screenshot at the top of this post shows the homepage. You’ll notice that the look is current and colorful, the services and sections are easy to find, and the whole site is user friendly — with their older client population in mind.


Internal pages include plenty of detail on the services offered, and since this is a WordPress site, adding multimedia is easy.  Each Senior Center has its own page, with all the information clients need to find and contact the center. Each center also has a flipbook version of the monthly newsletter.


When visitors click on the “Click to read” button, they see a large flipbook with easy navigation tools.


Events are very important for the centers, so we have a simple events calendar the staff can easily maintain.


The calendar automatically goes to the homepage, too, and visitors can click on an event to get more information.

Staff, board, and partner pages have also been designed to make it easy for the staff to make their own changes and updates, using Pods. Pods in a custom WordPress website allow the site owner to add information just by filling out a form. The information and any pictures will go automatically to the right place and look just the way they’re supposed to, with no special skills or effort required. Without the Pods, making changes without spoiling the design or breaking the page would be difficult.


The new website will be more useful for the staff and clients, and may encourage sponsors, donors, and volunteers as well.






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