Pantone Colors of the Year 2016

Yes, this year’s Color of the Year is actually two colors of the year, which Pantone says truly belong together: Rose Quartz and Serenity blue.

While many of us will look at this pairing and think of baby showers, Pantone thinks the ethereal blush pink and tranquil blue, used together, will bring calm back into our lives during a time when the news is anything but calm.

We’re expecting to see more pink and blue striped shirts in boardrooms, but will the combo make it into web design for 2016?

Most of the pale pink and blue websites we’re seeing right now are for babies, or occasionally for weddings. There are exceptions, though. Sweet’n Low, an artificial sweetener, is rocking pink and blue at their website.


Our own design for Homefront, a home medical supply company, uses pale pink and blue along with darker blue and neutrals to give a comforting, happy feeling to products that don’t always feel fun.


Broadly speaking, this is a feminine combination. Lilly Pulitzer is using it with hot pink on the current homepage:


But Pantone, which has brought out a single unisex palette for spring 2016 instead of separate fashion colors for each gender, has been able to get us to make tangerine orange websites, so we may see pink and blue quite differently — and much more frequently– in 2016.






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