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Reaching the Bridal Market

One of the first things a girl does when she gets engaged is to run tell all her friends and family. Immediately after that, she goes online to get ideas for her wedding and start ordering and arranging things.

The bridal market is large, enthusiastic, and primarily online. If you sell to the bridal market, you need to make sure they can find you.

Wait a minute — if you said that you don’t sell to the bridal market and are about to move on, think twice. BruiseMD, a natural bruise treatment, targets athletes and moms, but that bride who got a bruise playing soccer (or in the aisles of the crowded stationery shop where she and her maid of honor were obssessively comparing 43 nearly identical rose-themed place cards) certainly wants to get rid of the discoloration before the ceremony.

Think outside the box, and you might find a bridal connection for your own business.

If so, go with it. The Knot, the #1 wedding site, claims that weddings account for $71 billion in online spending each year — $28,000 for the average wedding and $4,000 for the honeymoon. You deserve part of it.

You can reach the bridal market, as you can reach any target market, with useful content and good products. It doesn’t hurt, though, to spend an hour grabbing some quick foundational links. People do use relevant directories, after all, and your well-chosen anchor text will give search engines the hint that you can useful to people planning weddings.

Here are some sites for quick bridal linkbuilding:

You can also advertise:

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