Reaching the Wellness-focused Consumer

Wellness-focused searches are among the most common on the internet. 80% of American adults search for health information. That’s 93 million people. If you have a medical practice or a health-related business, you know you need to provide wellness-focused information for your readers.

But many industries can appeal to the wellness-focused consumer. Here’s how you can use wellness information to reach this growing audience.


A local vacation rental had a long list of rules. No smoking, no pets, no toxic cleaners, and more. In talking with the owners, it soon became clear that they were offering a green space that would be ideal for allergy sufferers. We included the pet-free and smoke-free nature of the house along with the natural fiber sheets and table linens, sustainable construction, and non-toxic cleaning to make the rental property all about health — not restrictions.

That sets it apart from other rental properties in the area.

Blog content includes the local farmers market and bike trails to further appeal to the wellness-focused visitor.


A local HVAC company won us over with their commitment to air quality and healthy atmosphere in homes and businesses. We built them a website with content that helps visitors become informed consumers. Blog posts give visitors the knowledge they need to avoid health-threatening mold and mildew as well as costly HVAC shopping mistakes.

Their in-depth articles provide thought leadership and demonstrate their authority and expertise. In their industry and many others, it’s hard for consumers to judge the quality of their work. Open, informative content at the website is reassuring. Including health-related information shows they’re concerned about their customers.


Goldendoodles are a designer dog breed. When we took on the website content and blogging for a breeder of Goldendoodles, we took the opportunity to write clear, thorough content about wellness-focused topics including the low shedding of Goldendoodles and the research on health benefits of dog ownership.

While we write about many different aspects of Goldendoodles and this particular breeder, the health connections allow us to rank for more keywords and meet the needs of more searchers.

The truth is, many different choices in life have health consequences. The wellness-focused consumer is likely to search with these issues in mind. Taking this approach in your content strategy helps you to reach these consumers and expand your market.






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