SEO Advantage #6: Secure Website

There are two very important elements for SEO success: content and links. If your website provides the very best possible answer to a specific online search, your website will be shown first to people making that search. And if other websites value your website so much that they link to it, then you website has demonstrated value for a specific subject. These are the most important things for SEO.

If you’ve got a home healthcare equipment company and there is just one other company of this kind in town, build a better website and fill it with excellent content, people will link to that great content, and you will show up at the top of the searches in your town.

The competitive landscape

The trouble is, there’s a lot more competition than that for almost everything now. There are probably more than just two local options in your business niche, and thousands more online. Google has so many choices for any search query that it’s not as simple as just picking the best website. Chances are good that some of your competitors have great websites, too.

So you will certainly want to write the kind of great content that gets links, but you will also want to grab every possible advantage.

One advantage that’s available to everyone is a secure website.

Secure website

Google wants to encourage us all to make the web more secure. One way they’re doing that is by rewarding websites that use secure hosting. Those are the ones with an address beginning with HTTPS instead of just HTTP.

These websites add an extra layer of security which makes sure that the website you think you’re going to is the website you end up on. It authenticates your website and protects visitors. If you store sensitive information at your website or accept credit cards there, then you must have this kind of security.

But this level of security is good even if you don’t have a special need for security. It’s good for SEO, too.

Secure sites and SEO

In the same way that Google rewards mobile-friendly websites with higher rankings — all things being equal — they will also reward secure websites. All things being equal. That means that you can’t just get secure hosting for your poor-quality website and feel like you’ve accomplished something.

You still need a hard-working website with valuable content. You still need well thought out site architecture and up to date code. You still need a mobile-friendly website and social media support. But a secure website is easy to come by. Just ask your web host. It’s one of the easiest SEO advantages to acquire.






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