SEO Writing vs. Just Writing

Not all writing is the same. There are different methods for writing, and writing can fulfill different purposes. For example, a poem might be a writer’s attempt at an artistic expression, while an advertisement might be a writer’s attempt at earning money. Conversely, a poem can be intended to earn money, and an advertisement can be an artistic expression.

The point is that writing is more than just words scribbled down onto paper or keyed onto a page. You have to identify what the purpose of your writing is, and understand how to write in a way that fulfills that purpose. You can’t simply take your method for poems or advertisements, and apply that method to all types of writing.

SEO writing is more than pining for a silver moon, unrequited love, or buy one get one free offers. When you are writing content for search engine optimization, you have to keep in mind that you’re not just writing for yourself, your client, or for readers. You are also writing for your page to be found by search engines.

This is done by incorporating key words, or search phrases into the content. But this has to be done with some subtlety. If you’re forcing keywords into a post, it will be obvious and off-putting for your audience. It’s true that you want to the content to include relevant keywords, but you can’t just write for the machines. You have to find the right balance in writing for search engines as well as for your audience.

So how do you find that middle ground? Have a clear understanding of what you’re writing about and put some thorough thought into the subject. It’s helpful to have a list of keywords you would like to include in your content, and use them naturally throughout the course of your writing. Don’t think of that list as a quota, but simply as a reminder to help you use the right words.

Just remember that SEO writing isn’t solely about search engines. While it’s essential that your pages show up in search, it’s equally important that those pages are well written and that they offer something to the reader.

You can think of SEO writing like fishing. A post full of juicy keywords is like a nice shiny lure that gets your page high up in search results. You might have some people click through, but that’s just a nibble. If your content isn’t worth reading they will turn around and be gone forever. You need quality content that will hook a reader. Something that makes them want to stay and come back for more.

SEO writing isn’t just writing. Learning how to write for search while maintaining the quality of your content takes practice. It’s challenging, but the process can be enjoyable and the results rewarding.






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