Showing Up

Woody Allen is credited with saying that “80% of success is just showing up.” For work, school, relationships, and other human important things, he’s wrong. But there is something to be said for this claim when it comes to websites.

Imagine your potential customer. She realizes that her operating room is not the paragon of efficiency she’d like to show the board, so she heads to Google to find solutions to her problem.

  • She looks for more information about her problem.
  • Having found some ideas about possible solutions, she looks for more information about those solutions.
  • Deciding that robotic assistance looks like it would work for her, she looks for more information about operating room robots.
  • Identifying the kind of robot she thinks she needs, she looks for a local company that can help her with sourcing and installation.

Your company happens to be just that kind of company, and you’re local to this customer. If your website is well optimized for search, your site will probably show up.

But back up for a minute.

What if you showed up?

What if she looked for information about her problem… and your website showed up with an informative blog post.

And she looked for solutions… and your website showed up with a page of extensive, unbiased information about those solutions.

And then she looked for further information about operating room robots, and your website showed up again with the answers to her questions.

When she looks for a local company that can help her and your website shows up again, your company has already demonstrated knowledge, authority, usefulness, and generosity. Why wouldn’t she click on your company’s website?

Even if you’re #2 or #3 in the search results, she’ll recognize your name. Of course, if she has already visited your website a few times, you’re likely to show up as #1.

Another local company that could do the work and has nice graphics on their website might not show up at all. Even if they have lower prices, your customer — she’s your customer now, since you showed up for her all those times — hasn’t developed a positive impression of them yet. She’ll probably call you first.

So yes, showing up could very well be 80% of success when it comes to your website.






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