Something to Like

Some things are just more exciting than others. True, people have different interests and find different things exciting. Most people would call watching paint dry boring, but there could be that one guy who lives to watch paint dry. He just loves watching the paint change from a glistening syrupy liquid  to a slick solid casing, and seeing how the light reflects differently with each passing minute… but that guy is an anomaly. While you can’t say that something is objectively exciting or boring, you can say that certain things appeal to more people than other things do because they are more accessible.

Some businesses have an advantage when it comes to piquing the public’s interest. The outdoor industry has done a great job of marketing a lifestyle. You might find videos of people climbing thousands of feet without a rope exhilarating, or on some level inspiring, but the person next to you might find it nothing but horrific and irresponsibly dangerous. Either way, it causes a reaction which is a huge advantage when it comes to marketing on social media

So what can you do if your business is boring? Social media is designed for engagement – posts on pages, comments, likes, shares, tweets, retweets, and all that good social networking jazz. Who wants to interact with a company that deals in the boring or mundane?

Don’t feel down and out if your line of work isn’t especially thrilling. You don’t have to be in the business of scaling mountains, professional espionage, or lion taming to make your social media more appealing to an audience.

  • Identify the parts that you find interesting. Chances are, if you’re selling industrial valves, your customers will share your fascination with industrial valves even if the average person doesn’t. They’ll love to see the largest ever industrial valve, and their hearts will race when you share that story about the freak accident with the industrial valve. If there’s something you find interesting, other people in your field will probably find it interesting as well. Focus on delivering the information that is both informative and interesting.
  • Delivery is everything. Have you ever been watching a movie, when the hero or heroine delivers a line that’s not quite convincing? Poor delivery in a movie breaks your suspension of disbelief. Poor delivery on social media leads to a lack of interest. You can make anything seem more interesting with the right set up and delivery. That means you have to choose your words well.
  • Images are a huge help with piquing interest on social media. A visual immediately makes posts more interesting. If you own a business that makes stationery, you don’t just want to talk about stationery. Show some pictures with gold leaf, cursive script, or watermarks.

The key is to make your social media more accessible, even if your line of work isn’t. Some businesses are more exciting than others, but a boring business doesn’t have to mean boring social media






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