• Factors Affecting Website Costs

    Factors Affecting Website Costs

    Since I wrote about how much a web site costs, I’ve had lots of questions about the subject. One of the most common is, “Why do prices vary so much?”

  • The Vicious Circle

    The Vicious Circle

    At last night’s WordPress KC meet-up, several people mentioned the problem of not being able to hire someone to work on their website until they began to make money from said website. I completely understand that. Unfortunately, sometimes the poor quality of a website prevents people from making money. Then they don’t feel they can…

  • The Cost — and the Value — of a Website

    The Cost — and the Value — of a Website

    Last night I went to talk with Joe McCoy’s marketing class about online copywriting. In among the discussions of keywords and effective web copy and calls to action, the question of money and pricing arose.

  • Doing Social Media Right

    Doing Social Media Right

    Momma Dean’s is a soul food restaurant in Fayetteville, Arkansas, the town where I live. They make fried chicken like your grandma did, and you can have fried okra and gravy with it, too. Go in and sit down and someone will come and sit with you and find out which of the dishes they’re…