The Vicious Circle

At last night’s WordPress KC meet-up, several people mentioned the problem of not being able to hire someone to work on their website until they began to make money from said website.

I completely understand that. Unfortunately, sometimes the poor quality of a website prevents people from making money. Then they don’t feel they can put the funds into their website that they need to, in order to get good results that would give them the budget they need in order to put funds into the website. And so forth.

What’s the solution?

  • Prioritize. Get a good site analysis, and make a list of the things you want to change about your site. Put the things that affect search highest. For example, a poorly coded site with badly written content is more of a problem than a site with an outdated color scheme, when it comes to search. The colors will affect your human visitors, so you should fix them, but you have to be found first. There may also be some things you can do yourself.
  • Make decisions. Produce a clear list of the highest priority items saying exactly what you want done. Since web professionals generally charge by the hour, time spent discussing possibilities and changes after the work is completed can send your price up. Save things you’re less sure about for the future, when you’ll be better able to afford trial and error and extensive consultation.
  • Take advantage of free options. Shore up your site with social media and linkbuilding you can do yourself. Once your site is perfected, the work you’ve done there will still benefit your new site.

Build some funds for updating your site into your budget, since you’ll need to have it done every couple of years. By the next time you need a refresh, you’ll  have the funds available.






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