Digital Marketing for Health and Wellness Professionals

The One Digital Marketing Essential for Health and Wellness Professionals

A common mistake for small businesses is thinking that you are too small to need a website. There was a time when this may have been up for debate, but now the internet is interwoven with daily life. If you own a business, you need a website. An optimized website is the most important digital marketing tool for health and wellness professionals.

No business is too small to have a website

Your private practice, exercise studio, or wellness-oriented company is probably a small business. The Small Business Administration has a range of size standards depending on the industry; any physician’s office that makes less than $11 million a year is a small business by their definition. Dentists and other health care professionals are small businesses if they have revenue of $7.5 million or less. A biotech company is small if they have fewer than 1,000 employees.

So nearly all businesses — more than 99% — in the United States are small businesses, by the SBA definition. And until recently, about half of them did not have websites.

A 2017 study found that the number of businesses without websites was dwindling. 71% of businesses in that survey said they had a website, and 92% of those that did not have websites planned on having one within a year.

That’s definitely a good thing. Because there is a big difference between a small business with a website and a small business without a website.

Does a website matter to revenue?

The average annual revenue of a small business, counting all those businesses, is $3.6 million. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the typical business earns $3.6 million. After all, around 80% of all small businesses in the United States have no employees, while some small businesses have 1,000.

Many small businesses have revenues of $44,000 per year or less, according to the SBA, and small businesses may be earning $11 million or more without losing their “small business” status. That average just tells us that calculating the average of all small businesses gives you a number in the middle of the range: $3.6 million.

The average annual revenue of a small business with a website is $5.03 million.

That is, when we leave out all the small businesses without websites and look only at those with websites, the average revenue is almost $2,000,000 higher. Businesses without websites dragged the average down that much.

Half of the physicians in this Google Places list of doctors have no websites. Small businesses in general may be getting websites, but health and wellness professionals continue to do without.

Does a website matter to your patients?

Your patients or clients want you to have a website. Pew Research has found that the majority of patients look online for healthcare support, regardless of age.

  • 76% look online when they want to find a doctor.
  • 73% want to book appointments online.
  • 70% want to refill prescriptions online.
  • 67% want to check their records online.
  • 59% look for health information online.
  • 35% search for their symptoms online before they visit a doctor.

Your practice must have a website for your current patients or clients, as well as for growth. Your Facebook page or Instagram stories aren’t enough.

The one digital marketing essential for health and wellness professionals

Your clients and patients want you to have a website, and a website can lead to increased revenue for your business. Those aren’t the only reasons that it’s important for doctors to have a website. A website also allows you to provide patient information, improve the patient experience, and control your online presence.

You must have a functional, polished, professional looking website; it’s the most important digital marketing tool for healthcare professionals.

If you’ve been delaying, it’s time to stop waiting and step up. Download our free book on how to create a successful website for your practice or health-related business. Get in touch with Haden Interactive to learn more about our services.






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