• Website Traffic

    Website Traffic

    We’re sending out analytics reports this week, and so far every client has had a nice website traffic increase for Quarter 1. That’s what we like to see, and what our clients like to see. But there may be more to it than just happy angles on your traffic chart. Is increased traffic always good?…

  • The Call to Action

    The Call to Action

    We’ve had clients tell us they want a Call to Action page.

  • Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready for the Holidays?

    Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready for the Holidays?

    November and December are peak times for ecommerce, no matter what you’re selling. People are in the mood to shop. This makes it a good time to take a look at your ecommerce site and make sure that everything is ready.

  • E-Commerce Options

    E-Commerce Options

    A young cousin of mine asked how she could best set up an e-commerce site for her fledgling graphic design business. She’s planning to offer custom business cards for $100 a thousand, among other things. Like many new businesspeople, her goal is to keep her costs down while she sets up her business, and she…

  • Very Fast Websites

    Very Fast Websites

    Dr. Tom Hapgood is bucking for the title of Fastest Web Designer in the West, having beaten our previous record by having a site completed in less than two weeks.

  • The User Experience at Your Website

    The User Experience at Your Website

    Tom and I are working on a very fun e-commerce website right now. The owners are fun, their products are fun, the customers are fun, it’s just a fun project all around. At the moment, the owners probably aren’t having any fun at all.