Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready for the Holidays?

November and December are peak times for ecommerce, no matter what you’re selling. People are in the mood to shop. This makes it a good time to take a look at your ecommerce site and make sure that everything is ready.
  • Does your cart work? This sounds obvious, but we often find that site owners don’t realize when things are broken. If it’s been a while since you gave your cart a test run, do it now and make certain that everything is behaving as it should.
  • Have you updated your featured products? Look back through previous analytics to see what kinds of products sell best at this time of year, do research to identify this season’s top trends, and make sure that all the items you’re featuring are actually available, and that they’re the latest models.
  • Does your site need some spiffing up? Unless you make what you’re selling, your customers can buy the same items elsewhere. You have to make sure that they have a reason to buy from you: your site is filled with helpful information, you make it fun to shop, or they just like you and your company. If your site doesn’t look its best at this time of year, you may be missing out on significant sales, so fix it now.





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