The Working Process for a New Website

It’s the official launch day for Bill West Roofing’s new site. Actually, we had the new site live a couple of days ago, because we like to beat deadlines, but this is the official milestone day.

In the image below you can see the old site. Above is the “After.”

This last image is a mock up from Tom Hapgood, who designed the new site. He thought the guys at Bill West might like something a little edgier.

Be that as it may, the process was fairly simple. Let me share it with you. This is our milestone list from Basecamp:

On April 21st, we collected everything (files, pictures, stuff like that) from the roofing company. Actually, there ended up being a lot more files along the way, but we had what we needed to begin. I started the research the following day. Research, decisions about information architecture, and writing took place.

On April 25th I finished writing the content. On the 27th, all changes were made and the content was approved, so Tom got to work on the design. Further research and conversation, as well as sending Josepha into tall buildings to take photos, took place.

Tom had mock ups for the two designs ready on May 9th. Conversations and various changes took place, along with sending Aaron West out to take more photos. Tom did the coding. We did some testing, we checked out all the links, Aaron and Bill had a few additional thoughts, and we pushed the button and launched the site on May 18th.

Sometimes you see ads claiming that you can have a good website in minutes with just a few clicks! This is a lie. On the other hand, you can have a great website in weeks, with just a few milestones. If you’ve been delaying having your site built or redesigned because you’ve heard that it takes months of arduous labor, you should feel reassured.






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