Why SEO Is the Best Marketing Option for Physicians

Maybe you’re a rock star in the world of healthcare. You’re a household name, you’re recognized on the street, and you have to reject ten times as many patients as you’re able to see throughout the day. The paparazzi won’t leave your front yard, and you just sold the rights for a movie about your life. Keep doing what you’re doing. For everyone else in the medical space, marketing matters.

Marketing is an ongoing process with lots of moving pieces. It’s difficult to universally value any one marketing option over another. However, search engine optimization is something that every physician must prioritize.

What can SEO do for physicians?

It’s especially important for physicians to appear in local search. One study from the Washington State Office of Financial Management found that while patients said they were willing to travel an average of 20.4 miles for routine care, patients actually traveled an average of 8.6 miles for routine care.

Local SEO needs to be a top priority for SEO for doctors. Proximity is one of the main factors in local searches, but it’s not the only factor. Your overall rankings support your local rankings. Google wants to show the best results for searchers.

  • Investing in SEO is a key part of managing local SEO.
  • Good SEO tactics include constant fresh content at your site for search engines — and patient education.
  • It means that your content stays up to date, which provides confidence for your audience.
  • A good SEO strategy allows you to gain links from respectable websites, which can improve traffic and demonstrate your authority in your field.
  • At least 80% of American adults search for health information online. Having the answers to common questions helps you reach potential patients.
  • Search engine optimization is one of the most cost effective types of marketing and it provides measurable results.

Getting started with SEO

Search engine optimization is about positioning your website in front of your target audience. You can’t dominate every single search keyword for every single person. If that’s your SEO strategy, you’re not going to succeed. Instead, you should focus on providing the best answers to the questions that your potential patients are actually asking.

It’s not enough to be in the right spot, though. You also need to convert your leads, and get potential patients to take the next step and connect with you.

This is where digital marketing specialists come in. As a digital marketing firm that specializes in health and wellness, Haden Interactive understands how to optimize your website for search, how to provide the best user experience for your audience, and how to bridge the gap between patient and physician.

We offer HIPAA compliant blogging and social media and a full range of digital marketing services for physicians.






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