Why You Need an SEO Strategy

Here are some things people think will give them all the benefits of SEO:

  • Submitting their website to search engines repeatedly
  • Super secret SEO tricks added to their code
  • Press releases
  • Finding out what keywords their competitors are using and putting those into their text a bunch of times

Here are some things that experts know will actually improve SEO:

  • Regularly adding original, high quality content to your website
  • Keeping your code up to date
  • Making sure that your website is responsive and secure
  • Getting your website to load quickly
  • Gaining high quality links from other websites in your field

The second list is better than the first list, but it still doesn’t tell you what you should do. Not only does it include things that might not be on your list of skills, but it’s actually a bunch of goals, not actions.

SEO Strategy

Haden Interactive offers SEO Strategy Documents that give you the step by step.

Take the simplest and most important goal: frequent fresh content. There are quite a few ways to do this:

  • Regular blogging
  • Adding articles or white paper downloads
  • Updating pages on your website
  • Gaining links from active websites
  • Engaging visitors

All of these have to be done well to have good results. Some will be more useful for you than others, depending on your business goals. And some may be easier than others, depending on your industry, your competitive environment, and the resources you have.

Without a clear decision on strategy, you will probably end up jumping in and trying a few things. They won’t work well for you, because you don’t have a strategy, and you’ll decide that “SEO doesn’t work.”

SEO works

SEO does work, but you have to have clear goals and a clear strategy to get you to success with those goals. You have to understand the tech issues that might be affecting your rankings, the way your customers use search, and many other elements

You need a specific list of tactics that takes into account your business model, your goals, your competitors, and your assets. Then you’re ready to take action.

Haden Interactive creates custom SEO strategy documents based on your specific strengths and goals. We have the specialized software, the experience, and the knowledge to provide you with a practical checklist which you can implement in-house. We can also help you implement the plan if that works better for you. Contact us now to discuss your needs.






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