The Wow Effect in Content Marketing

The makers of an Italian skin care line called “the WOW Effect” sent me a sample for review, so I looked them up online. My goal was to find out just exactly what I was supposed to do with their maschera and siero, since my knowledge of Italian is limited to opera. However, I very quickly saw that the WOW Effect website bills itself as a magazine as well as uno stupefacente programma antirughe.

I learned from WOW Effect that researchers at MIT have developed a wearable book  that clues inattentive readers in to the emotional content of novels through a vest that vibrates, changes temperature, and emits lights. Also that Australian researchers have determined that emoticons are changing our brains. And, as I’m sure you’ve been wondering, whether Google Glass will look more fashionable in the future.

The point is, this website isn’t just selling the product. Certainly, you can find sales pages on all their products and customer reviews (the packaging, Italian girls say, is super kawaii). You can click through to see a map of places that sell the WOW Effect (U.S. visitors get sent to Amazon). But it’s clear that WOW Effect understands that they’re going to benefit in the long run by producing content that brings visitors back.


Rather than focusing entirely on sales, they’re writing about a wide range of things that are interesting to their target market. And they’ve actually produced an English version with different content, even though they are apparently not yet widely distributed in any English-speaking countries. Looks like a strategy.

With 3,100 Google-indexed pages, lively social media, and outreach to bloggers who naturally link back to them, WOW Effect is making good use of the internet to produce a strong presence and identity for their brand.

I’ll be writing at Amazon about whether or not their programma antirughe is indeed stupefacente, but I wanted to give their web team a shout out here for an excellent strategic approach to their content.







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    Rebecca thank you for sharing your opinions. It was a pleasure working with you!

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      Rebecca Haden

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