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You Still Don’t Have a Website?

There’s a new brewery that just opened up in town. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado, which is known for beer and also beer. Beer-related things make up nearly a third of TripAdvisor’s Top 30 Things to Do in Fort Collins. The new brewery is number 15 in a town of just over 150,000 people. That’s more breweries per capita than the beer mecca of Portland.

I was shocked when I found out about this 15th brewery. Not because that seems like an excessive number of breweries, but because this new brewery did not have a website. What’s more, they didn’t have a Facebook business page, or a Twitter account, or any web presence whatsoever.

I first found out about the new brewery from a flyer that was posted at one of the other breweries in town. The breweries in Fort Collins are all part of a big, friendly community, and they are constantly collaborating and helping to support one another. I tried to search for this new brewery on my phone, and nothing came up other than a couple of local listings and a write up in the local paper. I figured maybe their site wasn’t mobile friendly, so I went home to search for them on my home computer.

Still no website. I tried to find them on social media only to find that they don’t have any social media accounts. All you could really find about the new business was their address, hours, and phone number. They probably figured that the location, hours of operation, and phone number were enough. But there are 14 other breweries in town. They need to give visitors a reason to come and sample their wares, an assurance that it’ll be worthwhile for me and my friends to bypass our usual place and check out this new one.

The process I went through is pretty common. Someone hears about a business and they search for that business on the Internet. Whether they’re looking for product information, news, reviews, directions, or something else, consumers are searching websites and social media, even for local businesses. A 2012 survey found that 85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses. It would be safe to assume that number is even higher after three years.

Some businesses choose not to have a website because they feel like they don’t have enough information to fill a website, or that a website wouldn’t be that beneficial for them. Every business needs a website, regardless of how big or small that website will be. Not having a website is like not having a sign outside of your building. Sure some people might find you, but you’re not making it easy for them.

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