Your Logo as a Starting Point for Your Website

When you get ready to have your website created, one of the best starting points is your logo.

There are other options: websites you admire, for example, can give your designer an idea of your preferences. You can begin with a great photo of your product or your building or yourself. You can begin with a template or a theme and have it customized. But your logo is one of the best starting points.

Consider the three samples above, created by Jay Jaro for GraysLland Acres llama and goat farm.

The owners ended up with a variation on the third of the samples Jay prepared, and Tom Hapgood designed an elegant website using the champagne color and elaborate script of the logo to create an upscale feel. If the farm photos were replaced with shots of luxurious hotel rooms, the site would be completely appropriate for a fine hotel.

But the current logo couldn’t be replaced with either of the other two designs without making other changes to the site. The happy cartoon farm would be out of place in the glamorous gold, silver, and sage web design. The spare and modern black and white logo calls for something kickier, and would make the understated elegance of the current color scheme look more drab than posh.

If you have a logo already, be sure to send it to your web designer at an early stage of work on the website. Send it in a vector file if you can. If you don’t have a logo, consider beginning with that design job, or having the same person create both the logo and the web design.

Don’t have the two jobs done separately and expect to drop the logo into the web design later. Communication will make all the difference here.






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