Is This Your Year to Get Published?

As you begin to compile your list for next year, you should consider some content initiatives — in other words, get published!

This is on the lists of a lot of our clients, and a lot of the industry thought leaders’ lists as well. Why get published?

  • It gives authority. Having written a book (including a self-published book), article, or white paper increases your visibility and authority in your field. Wouldn’t you like to be the company that wrote the book on your specialty?
  • Google’s paying attention. Actually, Google is paying attention to everything you author or even contribute to, including your company blog andf any other page you link to your G+ profile using this code: <a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a>. If you don’t have a blog, you need to get something else published in order to get credit.
  • Other media pay attention. You’re more likely to get press, in the form of calls from reporters or requests for guest blog posts, if you’re already published somewhere. This can be particularly valuable for local business.
  • Publications lead to high quality links. Your articles should include an author information section that links to your company website. These links are high value, assuming the site you write for is a good one. An ebook can be distributed in multiple places, and each offer can link back to you. A useful publication can also be linkbait — something valuable you can ask other webmasters to link to.
  • Publications are good for lead generation. Publish a good white paper or ebook and you have something to swap for people’s contact information or lead qualifying information. You can provide offers in emails or on landing pages for ads.

All in all, getting published has a lot of benefits and it’s getting easier all the time.







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