Expanding Your Email Marketing List

Pam Neely’s ebook 50 Ways To Grow Your Email Marketing List is a practical compendium of ideas. She divides her 50 tactics among six basic strategies:

  • Get more opt-ins at your website.
  • Gather subscribers from social media.
  • Use search and other people’s websites.
  • Take action in the real world.
  • Create emails people will want to share.
  • Keep your subscribers once you get them.

Each tip has instructions that will be helpful to DIY marketers as well as helping business owners to decide whether a specific tactic will fit with the resources and goals of the company.

We find that this can be an issue for many website owners. You may know that you want and need to do something… but what? If you search online, read books, listen to speakers, and talk with other business owners, you’ll hear about plenty of different tactics that might work. Each option has supporters as well as people who will say they tried it and it didn’t work. Each option, you can be sure, will involve costs — direct costs, time costs, and/or opportunity costs.

Faced with a large menu of possibilities, business owners are likely to feel that any choice among them is pretty random. This book presents a fairly exhaustive list of tactics, with case studies and statistics to back their value, plus estimates of the time and cost involved, often with specific tools to make the process easier.

You can read through the collection and get a good sense of which options will fit your budget and what the value is likely to be for each, without needing a lot of technical background to understand what needs to be done. You will also be better able to identify the team members best suited to carrying out the work, or to gauge what outside entity would best be suited to carrying out the work for you.

All in all, it’s a useful book.






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