8 Advantages of Professional Blogging

There are significant advantages of blogging for your website. HubSpot tells us that 92% of companies that blog regularly have gotten customers through their blogs. BlogHer reports that 81% of consumers say they trust information they read in blogs. ThinkCreative estimates the increase in leads for companies that blog at 126%.

We could go on like this all day. There are that many studies and reports out there on the benefits of blogging.

The thing is, these results are based on regular, quality blogging. More often than not, that’s professional blogging.

Benefits of professional blogging:

1. Your posts actually get written and published.

While we collaborate with a number of our clients and we love working with their posts, the total number of our clients who actually post regularly at their blogs themselves has been holding steady at zero for the past ten years.

You have a job. It isn’t blogging.

2. Getting fresh, original content at your website is easy.

Need a post on the latest infectious disease making the rounds? Tell your blogger, and it happens. Without a professional blogger, it’s never that easy.

You may have ten people who are supposed to share the responsibility, but three will be too busy, another will forget, three others won’t feel like writing about the topic you chose, and the rest just won’t get around to it.

3. Fresh content appears on a regular basis.

We’ve had clients who didn’t let us post regularly. They preferred to ask for blog posts on their own schedule. That meant that when things got busy and hectic on their end, the blog didn’t get updated regularly.

Unless you insist on irregular posting, though, you can expect professional bloggers to post on a regular schedule, even when you’re too busy to think about it.

4. You can have as much (or little) input as you want.

Do you want to be able to write a draft and have someone else proofread and post it? You can have that.

Do you want to be able to check posts ahead and ask for changes? You can have that.

Would you rather ignore the blog completely? You can do that, too. Professional bloggers are able to collaborate and they’re also able to work alone.

5. You can get changes.

We’ve never had a rule about the number of iterations we’ll do on a blog post. We’re professional writers, so we don’t get hurt feelings or artistic temperament when you want changes to your copy.

If you’re never happy with your blogger’s work, you need a new blogger. But you have every right to ask for changes when the message isn’t quite right for your organization.

6. The quality is higher.

Professional bloggers should, and generally do, produce better blog posts than people trained for other kinds of work. We believe that professional qualifications are important.

Our writers have specific training in writing. Gideon has a degree in creative writing. Rebecca’s degrees are in linguistics, and she taught college writing for decades. We’ve had six generations of writers in our family.

7. It’s faster.

We know people who need days to write a blog post. They’re not professionals. Just as you are faster and more effective at what you do for a living, professional bloggers are faster and more effective at blogging.

8. It’s more cost-effective.

Generally speaking, you get better results with better writing. We’ve seen the proof of that, so we can say it with confidence. Paying someone (maybe yourself?) for hours of work that don’t produce good results isn’t cost-effective.

Since they didn’t spend that time on the work you really pay them for, you lose out in opportunity costs as well.

At Haden Interactive, we have professional writers on staff, with SEO best practices baked into every blog post we write. Contact us today to find out how easy it can be to have an effective blog at your website.






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