A New Posting Option for Social Media

We all know that social media involvement is valuable, but we also know that taking the time to get all our social media posting done is tough in the course of a workday.

At Haden Interactive, we use Sprout Social, a robust tool that lets us keep all our clients up to date and measure the effectiveness of our efforts, too. But it might be overkill if all you want to do is keep up your own social media accounts.

Most businesses or professionals ought to post regularly at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and of course you also should blog. We used to be able to blog for clients and automatically push an announcement to each of those platforms, covering all the major players in a very cost-effective fashion.

Over the past year, these platforms have made it harder to post once and cover all three — each one wants to be the place you actually log into, so you can post at one and send it to another, but it hasn’t been possible to post once and have it go to all three. Logging in and out of all three platforms can take you a few extra minutes at each, not to  mention the chance of getting distracted once you arrive, so social media posting gets pushed off your to-do list and before you know it, you’ve missed a week (a month?) and lost momentum.

Now Manta has the option of posting at Manta and sending your post to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. It takes a few minutes to sign into all three from inside Manta, but then you can put in a link to your blog post and get the Big Three with one click.


Note that there is also a “Share” option, so you can retweet others’ posts to all three platforms as well. Even most social media tools won’t allow this — you can usually only retweet to Twitter, share to Facebook, etc.

The post looks normal, except that there is a link to manta:


This isn’t their link shortener — I had no link in my sample post. You can’t edit before you post, so you can’t avoid the link.

This is smart of Manta. If you don’t mind linking to them and you don’t want to bother with social media tools, it gives you a reason to go to Manta.

I have to admit that I never normally go to Manta. If you find Manta useful, please leave a comment and let me know why. I think of them as an industrial directory that occasionally has a hard-to-find business address, but I’ve never found them useful as a source of information or for business promotion. If this new feature persuades businesspeople to do their social media from Manta, they’ll probably get more involved and Manta will become more significant.

What do you think? Is this tool one you’ll use?







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