Website Relaunch: Logistics Company

We’re launching a new website for Accord Logistics Solutions this week. They’re a local logistics company, and they do not currently have a website.

Some years ago, they had the website you can see at the end of this post.

At left you can see a screenshot of their whole homepage. First we have contact information and their logo. People who are looking specifically for the company will know they’re in the right place and will be able to request a quote immediately online.

Below that we have a rotating gallery and a set of spotlight boxes which focus on their major selling points, using lively photos of trucks to make it immediately clear what they do.

The screenshot at the top is all that’s visible above the fold, and their typical customer may find this all they need. They have several opportunities to request a quote, they can easily find the internal pages to download carrier and new customer packets, and they have enough content to make sure that search engines as well as human visitors can tell what they do.

The tiny trucks visible in the lower right hand corner of the “above the fold” screenshot are floating social media icons that subtly allow visitors to connect with the company.

Some people will keep reading further down the page. We expect that this will include people looking for further information about the company, so we have a section explaining why Accord is the right logistics company for the first-time seeker. We also have a map and a photo of the company’s office. This provides practical help for people looking for the building, and also helps to distinguish Accord Logistics from the increasing number of people who take an online “how to be a freight broker” class and call themselves freight brokers — but who have no idea how to handle a complex hauling operation. Accord Logistics is experienced with very large, complicated jobs, and we’ve made that point throughout the website.

We’ve added a rotating section for testimonials and a weather report for the convenience of carriers.  On interior pages, we have photos of the staff.

The screenshot at right is the website Accord used to have. The web has come a long way since then, and we think they’ll enjoy their new site.







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