Analytics, Goals, and Habits

Goals are essential for success. We hope you have used your web analytics to help you create goals for your website. Data about who visits your website, how they find you, and what they do once they get there can inform your SMART goals and help you determine where to put your resources.

You can also configure goals in Google Analytics and collect actionable data to help monitor your progress. 

Goals to habits

We believe that setting goals is essential for business success. But we also find that identifying actions you can take regularly — habits, in fact — support those goals and make it more likely that you’ll reach them. 

You might want to increase traffic to your website, make your website part of your patient education efforts, or work towards thought leadership in your field. All those goals will be more likely to pan out for you if you have the habit of posting fresh content at your website three times a week (or having that done for you).

Or perhaps you want to reach out to others in your community, support a chosen cause, and educate people with curated content. Spending your coffee break lining up social media posts each day, or hiring someone to manage your social media for you, will take you a long way toward reaching those goals. 

Want to increase sales? Developing and implementing monthly sales campaigns will get you further toward that goal than just writing down the goal and wishing.

What habits will move you toward your website goals?

So which daily, weekly, or monthly habits will move your website toward fulfilling your website goals?

Your web analytics will tell you what is working and what needs work. Do more of what works. Make changes in the areas that have potential but which aren’t moving the needle. Some examples:

With the right KPIs and metrics in place and an understanding of your target audience’s path to purchase, you can identify the habits that will support your goals. 

Put them in place and get ready for a great year!

You don’t have to do it all yourself

One of the advantages of identifying the habits that will move you toward your goals is that you can then find the right people and delegate those  actions. Keeping up with your analytics, writing fresh content for your website, managing social media — these may not be the best use of your time. Contact us to find out how easy it can be to have these important actions taken care of for you.






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