bing boards

Bing Boards

Bing has something new — Bing Boards, “boutique content” which will show up on the first page of Bing’s search results.

Right now, you have to request an invitation, so we can’t jump in and try it out.

However, we can see how it’s going to work.

At right, you see the site where you can request an invitation to create Bing Boards of your own.

Below, you can see how Bing Boards will show up on the SERPs.


Click on the image and you’ll get a popup:


Click on that and you’ll get to the source of the image, in this case a blog:


Websites that want to share their stuff can get top placement at Bing by creating cool Bing Boards.

I headed over to Bing and it took me only a few tries to come up with a Bing board in organic search. Will this boutique content be enough to propel Bing ahead of Google? Who knows?

If you have a photogenic product, though, this looks like a good bottom floor to get in on.







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