Email marketing

  • Improve Your Email Open Rate

    Improve Your Email Open Rate

    Is your email open rate a good metric for your website’s performance? It might not seem that way at first — and it might not be if your emails are not related to your website. However, if your emails are designed to bring people to your website, a change in your open rate can tell…

  • Getting Contact Permission

    Getting Contact Permission

    What would you like your website to do for you? Do you want your patients to make appointments more regularly? Do you want a chance to help them understand why additional procedures are worth the expense? Maybe you want more patients, whether that means bringing in the new parents served by the OB-gyn down the…

  • Email Marketing with Mobile in Mind

    Email Marketing with Mobile in Mind

    Email continues to be an effective marketing tool. Not all of us remember, however, that people often check their email with smartphones and tablets. 48% of emails are accessed on mobile devices, but only 11% of email newsletters are optimized for mobile. What would it mean to optimize your emails for mobile? Use a responsive…

  • Understanding Your Email Marketing

    Understanding Your Email Marketing

    Yesterday I received an intriguing email offer of free wood-fired pizza during Happiest Hours in an upscale setting. I clicked through, and found a visually appealing little promotional piece for what seems to be a nice restaurant and bar. Unfortunately for the ROI of the campaign, it was for an establishment some 8,799 miles distant…

  • Holiday Email Newsletters

    Holiday Email Newsletters

    It’s Hallowe’en today and we’re heading straight into Chanukah, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, not to mention Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Diwali, Kwanzaa, Computer Security Day, and a spate of other holidays, traditional and commercial. It seems obvious that you should grab a festive template and take advantage of the holidays, right? Some things…

  • The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing

    The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing

    The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing: Grow Your List, Break the Rules, and Win is a practical guide to email marketing from D.J. Waldow and Jason Falls. Waldow is the guy behind Waldow Social and Jason Falls is the co-author of No Bull**** Social Media.