Email Marketing with Mobile in Mind

Email continues to be an effective marketing tool. Not all of us remember, however, that people often check their email with smartphones and tablets. 48% of emails are accessed on mobile devices, but only 11% of email newsletters are optimized for mobile.

What would it mean to optimize your emails for mobile?

  • Use a responsive or mobile-friendly layout. Most email marketing services (Mailchimp is the one we use most often) offer these. If you had one built for you a few years back, you should check it on mobile devices and see if you need an update.
  • Keep your copy concise. You can send long emails and newsletters with lots of information, but make sure you get to the point fast. Let people click through to your web page for more.
  • Use 16 pt fonts. Larger is okay, too.
  • Put the most important stuff first. Not the most important stuff for your readers — presumably everything you send them is at least potentially important to them, and they should be able to pick and choose. But your call to action should be easily visible at the top of the mobile screen.
  • Link to mobile-friendly pages. Your email is designed to get people back to your website, right? Or maybe to a sales page. Either way, make sure that people aren’t disappointed when they click through.
  • Subject lines must be short. Smartphones show only a few words of your subject line, so keep it pithy.

Mailchimp tells us that the lists we manage range from 38 to 100% mobile — that is, a lot of people open these emails with mobile devices. If your experience is similar, it’s worth your while to follow these six simple tips.






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