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Changing Navigation for Holiday Sales

If you sell products and services that peak during the holidays, now is the time to get started on your fourth quarter marketing. You should be getting promotions on your editorial calendar, planning social media pushes and email blasts, and catalog updates.

You should also think about changing your navigation for the holidays. Your website might usually have a navigation bar with pages like these:

  • Home
  • Products
  • Store Finder
  • About Us
  • Contact

For your holiday season, consider changing it up:

  • Home
  • Products
  • Holiday!
  • Store Finder
  • About Us
  • Contact

Your Holiday page should include any special holiday products or promotions, but it could also have information like the last day to order for Christmas delivery, your shipping policies for the holidays, holiday e-cards or other special treats to download, holiday tips relevant to your product — any festive element.

In the U.S., moms are still the main Christmas shoppers, and they will usually decide where to shop by October, even if they hold off on shopping till December. You want to get on their radar early.

By November, you should have your website ready and your promotions prepared.  Since adding a page (and other holiday special plans) may take several weeks and your designers will be getting busy just as you will, now is the time to get on the calendar.

Other special tabs you might consider:

  • Gifts for specific people (that may be what the weird website design at the top of the page is offering)
  • Gifts under $10
  • Party ideas
  • Gift Express with prewrapped presents to send off with free shipping
  • Holiday freebies

Changing up the graphics with holiday icons, holiday banners, or a new background color can be a great move for fourth quarter, but adding a holiday page is often more economical and more effective. If you have seven or fewer tabs in your navigation, it may be an easy temporary change. If you have the maximum tabs already, consider retiring one for the holidays or using a call out.

If you like the idea and need some help implementing it, give Julianne a call at 479.966.9761 and get on our calendar. We’ll be happy to create a winter wonderland for you.







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