Content Marketing Step by Step

Content marketing is highly effective — if you do it right.

The video below discusses

  • the top three obstacles to effective content marketing
  • the connection between content marketing and SEO
  • the 8 steps to creating and implementing an effective content marketing strategy.

You’ll also learn about some plugins that help make it happen.

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The 8 Steps:

  1. Determine SMART goals for your website. That’s Specific, Measurable, Aligned (with your business goals), Realistic, Time-based goals. That way you can tell when you succeed, and use data to improve future campaigns.
  2. Build personas to clarify your target market. Use the information to determine your customer’s path to purchase.
  3. Identify the interests, problems, and questions of your ideal customer.
  4. Research the keywords people use to find your website. Understanding the path to purchase and the questions your customers research along the way lets you know the right keywords to work on.
  5. List the topics that go with your keywords. Answer your target customers’ questions and provide valuable information on the things they want to know more about.
  6. Create good content. Blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics — whatever type of content you decide to use, make sure it’s excellent, entertaining, and useful.
  7. Promote your content. Use social media, linkbuilding, Adwords, and other promotional strategies to help people find your content.
  8. Get permission to contact people who engage with your content. Create lead magnets that make people want to hear from you. When people will share their contact information in exchange for your content, you get permission to reach out to them.

These are the steps to effective content marketing. Watch the video above to get more detail on each step.

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