Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing Strategies for Small Business by Mark Cijo and Erdal Gul is truly a step-by-step guide. The book begins with a look at Facebook as a marketing platform.

Facebook as a marketing platform for small business has changed a lot recently. Most of us would agree that it has become less useful for simple customer connections — Facebook has made it pretty clear that any company wanting to get wide visibility with Facebook now must pay. What’s more, Facebook has announced plans to make further changes in January, including both increased costs and limitations on any post that contains promotional content.

This doesn’t mean that companies should give up on Facebook. It means that we have to get the most out of our investment there. Just setting up a nice fan page is no longer enough.

Cijo and Gul start readers off with a chapter on developing a marketing plan, with these steps:

  • Develop your value proposition
  • Know your target audience
  • Outline your marketing objectives
  • Create a content plan
  • Monitor your page’s activities
  • Combine both online and offline marketing plans

If you don’t know how to do these things, this book will explain them to you. If you’re a seasoned marketing executive, just skip that chapter and move on, because this book gives clear, practical instructions for doing many more things:

  • Setting up a Lookalike Community to target your ads perfectly
  • Adding group deals to your Facebook page
  • Posting as your page
  • Creating an offer on your page for customers to redeem in store or at your website
  • Planning an effective ad campaign
  • Creating events and inviting customers
  • Adding a Like box to your website
  • Using other Facebook plugins, such as Facepile and Comments, at your website
  • Using WordPress plugins for Facebook integration
  • Monitoring your results
  • … and lots more

If you already know how to do all these things without having to do a lot of searching around for the right buttons, or you are aware of all these options and know when to ask your web team to do them, then you don’t need this book.

However, most marketers don’t know all these things.

This book gives very clear, non-technical explanations of just about everything you would ever choose to do with Facebook for marketing. The Kindle edition has links you can follow to check out specific resources, too. If you feel that you could do more with Facebook, this book is worth your time.

I received a copy of this book for review. I was not paid for this review, and you know I always tell you the truth.






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