Got Your Tickets for WCFay?

Do you have your tickets for WordCamp Fayetteville? The camp will begin on Friday, July 31, with a get-to-know-WordCamp party at Mermaids.

Saturday has a full slate of sessions. Here are just a few:

  • Angela Belford will be talking about how to brand your business with WordPress.
  • Michael White will help clarify the question of what you can do for your own business website and what it’s smarter to hire out.
  • “Customizer? I barely know ‘er” is the title of Sky Shabura’s introduction to the Customizer tool.
  • Sean Morrison tells how developers and designers can improve SEO in the sites they build.
  • Collin Condray has the scoop on security.
  • Jacqueline Wolven tells how to make Pinterest-worthy images in your blog posts.
  • Shane Purcell takes us step-by-step through the podcasting process.
  • Felicia McCranie shares wisdom on blogging for nonprofits.
  • Sean Borsodi helps us protect ourselves so we won’t wreck ourselves.

These really are just a few of the great sessions planned. Tom, Josepha, and I will also be speaking. See the full slate.

There will be a party on Saturday night at Hawaiian Brian’s and a Jam Session on Sunday where you can implement the ideas you got on Saturday with expert support or just hang out at the New Design School and finish the conversations you started throughout the weekend.

Get your tickets now!






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