A New Home Services Website

We’ve just launched a beautiful new home services website for A Beautiful Day cleaning service, an environmentally responsible and socially conscious company offering cleaning services for homes in our area. 

A Beautiful Day had done a lot of branding preparation before they came to us, so our job was to make their  ideas work for the web, appeal to their target market, and perform well with search engines. We used their photos and built a WordPress website with a custom block theme, making a happy home page with multiple calls to action.

We integrated Responsibid, their chosen bidding and management tool, using custom code to create a coordinated quote form. 

Using the assets

Owner Stacey Conkle has a photogenic family and was willing to have a photo shoot. She also has a great story, a commitment to community support, and membership in an international professional organization for cleaning services. 

Whatever you have in the way of assets, you should make sure that those things show up on your website. 



We’re blogging for Stacey (another advantage for the website), so we made an eye-catching blog page that visually supports her brand. 

A functional website

Everyone wants an attractive website, but it’s also important that your website do its job: supporting your business. 

We made sure that A Beautiful Day has clear calls to action, detailed service pages, a good Contact page, and the capacity to provide instant online quotes and job applications.

We installed Google Analytics and connected it with the Google Search Console, set coordinated social media, and installed plugins that make it easy to provide editorial guidance and track website performance.

Like many businesses nowadays, A Beautiful Day lives primarily online rather than having a physical location to encourage walk-in traffic. Their website welcomes customers and gives a clear, positive impression of their company. It’s also set up for good communication with customers and community. 



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