Halloween Posts on Your Company Blog

Should you be posting about Halloween on your company blog?

Not if your target demographic would be offended or your brand wouldn’t benefit from the frivolous nature of such a post. We’re doing seasonal posts for about half the sites we blog for.

Here are some ways to make it work.

Write a normal post and add a little harmless seasonal connection

That’s what we did for one of our engineering blogs:


This client likes a light-hearted feeling, so Gideon wrote a witty introduction to some serious points about problems with downtime and unscheduled maintenance.

Write an informative post about Halloween-related problems and solutions

That’s what we did for a medical website. We know the moms who read this blog will be worrying a bit about how to cut back on sugar without cutting out all the fun — or wondering whether they ought to be worried. We’re providing some education along with fun ideas.


Take it seriously

For a mental health facility, we’re taking on some serious questions about how to cope when Halloween is a real problem. This client’s goal is thought leadership, so we’re writing about issues like mental health stigma.

Halloween blog post

Get into the spirit

If you’re writing to an audience that will enjoy it, there’s nothing wrong with taking part in the fun.

Halloween blog post






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