Healthcare Content Marketing: 10 Types of Content

Health care content marketing serves the dual purpose of improving patient education and making your healthcare website more visible and authoritative. Are you having trouble figuring out what healthcare content marketing would look like for your website?  Here’s a handy list of 10 types of content you might use:

  1. Healthcare news. Did you see the new report on probiotics and brain fog? Chances are good that your patients have, but they may not understand it or be able to put it in a context that will make it helpful for them. Your blog post can give them clarity from a trusted source, and allow you to help create a useful narrative instead of anxiety.
  2. Seasonal tips. Every year, people face seasonal allergies, holiday-related safety questions, and life milestones. There may not be much new to say about back to school or Halloween or daylight savings, but every year many people are thinking about these issues for the first time, or under new circumstances, or with a new set of priorities. They need accurate information from someone they trust. So even if you are tired of talking about how to pack a healthy lunch for school, remember that your patients need that information — especially with the new AAP policy statement on food additives and packaging. There’s always something new to say.
  3. Infographics. We’ve been seeing amazing results with infographics lately. These images package facts in easy-to-grasp graphics. They’re highly sharable on social media and can make good patient handouts. Since they require a combination of research, thoughtful writing, and creative design, they are usually an extra cost. It makes sense to include them in your budget, though. The ROI can be impressive.
  4. Behind the scenes information. Details about your facility’s doctors, your practice staff’s dogs, or your community service — patients love to Like and Share them. Take a few snapshots, check them for HIPAA compliance, and enjoy the extra engagement.
  5. Recipes. We keep being reminded that healthy eating choices are one of the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle — and one of the hardest to stick with. Recipes continue to be one of the most popular internet searches (right behind health care information). They’re also fun and very sharable.
  6. Quizzes. While it’s easy for online quizzes to be lightweight and even misleading, a quick, well-designed quiz can be fun and thought-provoking. WordPress plugins make it easy to include an interactive quiz as part of an informational post.
  7. Deep dives into the familiar. There are a lot of health care topics that are familiar to everyone, but not actually clear to most of your visitors. Recent studies have shown that most parents make mistakes when giving medication to their babies. It’s worth going into detail on your website and referring patients to that information.
  8. Digital presents. A coloring sheet, in-depth guide in PDF form, or exercise video can make a great gift for your patients. Gated gifts can provide you with new potential patients’ contact information or data on which of your current patients appreciate digital products.
  9. Challenges. Ask your visitors to pick up a small healthy habit change and show it off on Instagram or Facebook. Pick a hashtag and ask visitors to try your #VegetableoftheWeek or to #HydrateTimes8.
  10. Patient shares. You have to be careful for HIPAA compliance, but testimonials, reviews, and happy videos have a place in healthcare content.

Talk about these kinds of content with your web firm or your blogger. Mixing up the types of content you use can keep things fresh.

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