Integrating Online Marketing Efforts

We offer a variety of online content services, and that’s probably a mistake.

Strong, optimized web content increases traffic and conversion. Regularly updating your web content improves search results and the ROI of your website.

Companies with blogs get at least 50% more leads than those that don’t have blogs — more if they have regularly posted blogs over a long time.

Companies with effective social media increase sales and/or reduce marketing costs. They reach potential customers through channels consumers trust.

Analytics allows you to measure the results of your efforts, to learn more about your visitors, and to monitor and to respond to your traffic.

Linkbuilding increases traffic, improves search results, and extends the value of your website.

So we offer web content, blogging, social media management, analytics, and linkbuilding.

But look what happens if you put them together.

Social media mentions drive more traffic to your blog. Linkbuilding does the same. Blog readers mention you in their social media — if you’re there, you can engage with them. Joining conversations in your field — a method of linkbuilding — increases your authority, improving the value of your social media efforts and the visibility of your blog. Blogging extends conversations elsewhere on the web, driving traffic to your website and giving you more to link to with your social media. It also increases the number of indexed pages at your website, increasing the value of your site and improving your search rankings — while giving you more linkbait. Analytics lets you see how each element affects your traffic, leads, and conversions and how they work together, alerting you to opportunities which you can then leverage with blogging, social media, linkbuilding, new website content, or a combination of strategies.

Each element of your online presence improves the effectiveness of each of the other elements, so that a good website with integrated social media is more valuable than either a good website or effective social media on its own. Add linkbuilding, analytics, and blogging, and you have a system with value greater than the sum of its parts.

We’ll continue to offer all these elements: we know that people want to be able to choose one from column two and two from column three. But we sure like to see the powerhouse effect that all the pieces have when they’re brought together.








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