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Websites for U.S. Presidential campaigns have been an important part of the election landscape since at least 1996, the first year for which 4President.us has archives. See all the 2020 presidential campaign sites on their page for this year. The White House got its first website under President Bill Clinton in 1994, two years after the internet came into use in the White House.  President-elect Joe Biden has a WordPress website. In fact, he has two. Meet Joe Biden’s WordPress websites:

Both sites are very conscientious about accessibility, offering a toggle to a larger font size and high contrast, Spanish language translation, and ARIA landmarks for screen readers. Both get good performance scores, though their page load speed could be improved. Both are optimized for mobile devices.

Want to know more about Jose Biden’s WordPress websites?


JoeBiden.com was Mr. Biden’s campaign site during the campaign. It uses the BEXC theme, according to What WP Theme Is That? However, we have not been able to find details on that theme, and we think it may be a custom theme.

It has a very long message all on one page, but it also has a heart-warming video:

Here’s the very long message:

You can easily find the rest of the JoeBiden.com campaign website by clicking on the Privacy Terms in the footer, or clicking on any link to specific pages, but there is no navigation leading viewers to explore beyond the home page. 

Presidents typically shut down their campaign websites after the campaign, but 2020 is an unusual year. Trump’s campaign site is still being updated regularly. Biden’s site seems to be providing a transitional experience.


Build Back Better uses a custom theme built under the WordPress VIP program. Billed as the site for the Biden-Harris Transition, it has bios for Biden, Harris, and the growing senior staff. It has pages on the new administration’s priorities — COVID-19, economic recovery, racial equity, and climate change — and a statement on the transition.

The site also has a press area with press releases, videos, and transcripts of speeches. 

The team is keeping the site up to date.


WordPress powers 39% of the internet, so choosing WordPress isn’t a surprising move. However, we think it’s a great choice. 







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