Pantone Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral

Pantone, the international color experts, chooses a color each year to be the official Color of the Year. For 2019, it’s Living Coral.

Pantone figures we need a joyful, optimistic color. Living Coral is more than that: according to Pantone it’s “nurturing and life affirming.”

Frankly, we’ve been expecting this ever since we saw the Pantone Spring 2019 palette. Coral is not a controversial color for fashion or home decor, we usually see it quite a bit in the spring, and we don’t think this is going to be one of the Colors of the Year that stirs people up.

In case you’re not aware that Colors of the year stir people up, here are a few that have been controversial:

  • Marsala, which many people thought looked like raw meat
  • Ultraviolet, which was, well, purple
  • Tangerine, which plenty of people found a bit loud

Will it show up in websites?

We found a few.

Coral is an easier sell for beauty and spa applications than for most uses. It’s somewhere between pink and orange, looks great with all skin tones, and has a generally feminine vibe. This is a local website where they lash people up, which sounds more daring than it probably is. We think it’s something to do with eyelashes.

Zumtobel is an international architecture firm. This is just one option in their slider, but it’s eye catching and looks tasty.

This headhunting firm may be a little deeper than coral, but it appears to be a coral overlay that’s darkened by the black and white photo behind it, so we’re going to include it.

Picnic has shut down, but they are certainly one of the most unabashedly coral sites we found.

By the end of 2019, we should be seeing plenty of coral in websites, and everywhere else, too.






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