Passwords Tell All

It’s been a wild day and we did not write a blog post for our website. Fortunately, our friends at WPEngine sent us a post they want to share, and we found it fascinating enough to share with you.

Unmasked: What 10 million passwords reveal about the people who choose them

It’s intriguing, but not a security risk — not only are they cautious about what they reveal, but they also share some good advice for making sure your WordPress site is secure.

We get why people resist choosing hard passwords or changing them, but that’s one of the biggest problems for security. Instead of “set it and forget it,” use a service like Last Pass or Dashlane to help you keep track of your passwords. And create some triggers that will help you remember to change your password more often than each time you get hacked.

We suggest Spring Break. You’re getting back from that beach binge or camping trip, so this is the perfect time to do something good for the security of your site. Next time you go on a trip, you’ll be reminded to change that password, and pretty soon it’ll be a ritual in your life: unpack the suitcase, air out the tent, detail the car, change the password.

We were surprised by some of the common passwords, by the way. Maybe you will be, too.

Also by the way, we’ve seen clients’ websites hacked, but never clients who are hosted by WPEngine. Go see what makes WP Engine different.






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