WordPress Powers 40% of the Internet

WordPress now powers 40% of the websites in the universe. That’s 40,000,000 websites. If you count only those websites with a Content Management System (CMS), it’s 64%.

Why is WordPress so popular?

Our first website built on WordPress was Freshplans, our K-12 public service site. When we saw how well it performed and how easy it was to work with, we wondered why the rest of our websites weren’t like that. We had worked with Mango, DotNetNuke, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento,among many others,  but it was clear that WordPress was better. 

We happily switched, and we have been a WordPress shop ever since. 

What makes WordPress so great?

  • WordPress has a strong community; it’s easy to get help and to find experts and information. Hiring someone for your office? Chances are much better that you’ll find someone who is competent with WordPress than with Drupal.
  • WordPress separated content from design, making design changes easy, without requiring a complete overhaul of content to achieve.
  • WordPress has more than 58,000 plugins and thousands of themes, most of which are free. DIY may not be the best option for a professional website, but you can do a lot yourself — and a good designer can do a lot in a shorter time by taking advantage of this library of work. 
  • It’s open source. This allows levels of cooperation and collaboration that you don’t find with every software package.
  • WordPress is built with SEO in mind, and SEO plugins can help you keep your website findable.

What about e-commerce?

The world’s second most popular CMS is Shopify, an e-commerce platform. They have 3.2% market share. WordPress: 40% Shopify: 3.2%. So what’s the most popular CMS for e-commerce? WordPress. 

WordPress, with the WooCommerce plugin, is the most popular ecommerce platform in the world.

Want to switch to WordPress?

We’ll be happy to help. We can sign a new site for you, update your current website, create a strategic plan for you, or take on your website management and online marketing. Contact us to talk about your needs.






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