Purchase Decisions

It’s Hallowe’en, and last minute candy purchases are taking place across the nation. Most Americans will buy candy for the trick or treater, and it is now too late for online shopping, so bags of sweet treats are flying off the shelves in grocery and discount stores. Field Agent‘s research tells us what factors are affecting those candy purchasing decisions.

Price is an issue, though shoppers are more concerned with value than with cost alone. And consumers are more likely to buy goodies with Halloween packaging. But the key factors are not about the products. They’re about the purchasers:

  • Which candy will I enjoy most if I have to eat the leftovers?
  • Which candy will uphold my reputation as a “good candy” Trick or Treat provider?

It’s not the trendy treat or the branded bonbon that makes the cut, it’s not the cheapest chew or the healthiest handout. It’s the stuff the shopper likes to eat and the stuff that makes him or her look good. There’s a lesson there for all of us.

What are your visitors looking for at your website?

It’s a safe bet that someone who finds your website by searching for “natural hair products” or “knee replacement” doesn’t want to read your mission statement. They don’t care about your branding. They want to know that you can solve their problems or improve their lives.

Does your website provide that? Do you answer your visitors’ questions? Does your navigation make it easy for them to find what they want?

Or do visitors have to wade through lots of information about your company before they find the answers to their questions?

Your website should provide an immediate statement of what you can do for your visitor and what they have to do to get those goods and services. This will vary from one situation to another, but the message you need to convey might look like this:

  • We offer the best selection of health aids for small dogs, and here’s our catalog. Browse, put the items in your cart, and we’ll deliver them to your home within 5-7 business days.
  • We provide dental care for infants to adults, we accept most insurance plans, and we are accepting new patients. Book an appointment online now.
  • We offer weight machines and 24 Tabata classes each week at our state of the art facility. Buy your first month’s pass online for just $39.00.

Once that’s clearly established, you can start filling in with information about your qualifications and philosophy. But give people what they really want first.

Cost per click ads

Your PPC ads don’t need to be clever. You’re not trying to capture your viewer’s attention so he doesn’t run get a beer during your commercial. You’re not trying to demonstrate your wit (unless that’s part of what you’re selling).

Your ads are shown only to the people who are actually looking for what you have to offer. A straightforward ad that makes it clear that you have the goods they’re searching for is all you need, because it’s all that they need.

As for the landing page, you don’t want to give your visitor lots of choices and encourage them to explore. You want to give them exactly what they came for. That’s why your home page is rarely the best place to send people with an ad. If you’re offering companion animal training in your ad, the page your visitors reach should be only about companion animal training. Veterinary services, pet vitamins, and everything else you have to offer can come later.

Social media

Look over your social media for the past few months. Do you see lots of announcements about your team? Are you posting the ads you put into the local newspaper? Imagine your social media presence as a member of the online community. Are you the helpful neighbor who is always willing to share a cutting from your garden… or the ones who never show up unless they want something?

It’s good to share. When you make real connections with your online community, they are willing to celebrate with you, too. But be sure that you put your client’s needs first.

In general, visitors to your website have wants and needs that they hope you can satisfy. They’re thinking about those wants and needs, not about you. Just like the adults buying Hallowe’en candy that meets their needs. For the moment, it really is all about them.







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