Reframing Social Media

A client was telling us that he doesn’t want to post often on social media, because he doesn’t want to bother people. He doesn’t want to lose friends, fans, and followers by taking up all their time.

There are two things going on here.

  • People dislike ads, and are letting advertisers know by setting their browsers to no-ads, skipping through TV ads, changing the channel on their radio when an ad comes on, and letting Facebook know that they don’t want to see ads.
  • Some companies, including our client’s company, don’t know the difference between social media and ads.

from bistro bob

Information that will be useful or entertaining (or both) to your customers and prospective customers is not an ad.

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Actual communication, like asking your customers questions, posting pictures from your workday or great product shots, or sharing good content you found elsewhere on the web, is also not an ad.

Two for One Special !

An ad is an ad.

If you’re just sticking your ads up on Facebook and calling it social media, you’re doing it wrong. People might feel that you’re taking up all their time. But if you make sure that most of what you post is valuable content, your readers won’t mind if you show them an occasional ad.

If you post once a week and you stick with the rules of showing mostly engaging content, you’ll only show an ad every month or two, and that won’t give you the promotion you want. If you want to be able to promote your goods and services regularly, you have to post often enough to earn the right to show your ads.

Change the way you think about social media, and you’ll increase its value for your company.






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