SEO Strategy Documents for Healthcare Marketing

SEO isn’t mysterious, but it does require some specialized knowledge if you want to succeed. This is true for any type of website, but SEO for healthcare marketing requires additional consideration.

A doctor recently told us that he plugged his desired keyword into the text of his website, but for some reason he didn’t see the desired results.

This isn’t surprising. 

DIY SEO isn’t the best option, but it’s possible to see some positive results. If you want to try to implement your own SEO campaign, it makes sense to start with a professional strategy. Haden Interactive will prepare a strategy document for you at an affordable price, so that you can take action with a strong expectation of success. 

Step One: Order your SEO Strategy Document

We’ll do the research for you:

  • Establish your advantages and areas for improvement
  • Examine your competitive landscape
  • Identify your best keywords
  • Provide optimized content for your website
  • Outline an ongoing strategic plan in line with your resources

Your report — usually 20-25 pages — will show you just where your website is right now, the potential for your website, and the steps to get from here to there. Your SEO strategy includes clear explanations of the data we discover, and a simple checklist for your team to work with.

Step Two: Division of Labor

Once you have your SEO strategy document, you get to choose how to implement it with your healthcare marketing plan.

You may choose to take all the steps in your strategic plan in-house. Alternatively, you might want us to do some of the work for you. Either way, we’ll be happy to walk through the plan with you and make sure that you understand each step.

You can also choose to outsource your healthcare marketing entirely to Haden Interactive.

Step Three: Results



We typically see a consistent pattern for our SEO clients.

Once you have an effective strategy in place, you should see fairly steady improvement as long as you continue to work on your website.

If you don’t see improvement, your strategy is not working. However, it’s important to remember that you won’t see instant results. Good SEO takes an investment in time and effort. It pays off. 

We’d be delighted to talk with you about your needs. Contact us and we will respond quickly.






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