SEO Strategy

SEO provides the highest ROI of any marketing initiative.

Search engine optimization is good business practice. SEO is about communicating well with the search engines so they can find your website and offer it to the people who need your goods and services. At Haden Interactive, we tailor SEO strategy specifically for your organization and your goals.

Your web site shouldn’t sit around waiting to be noticed. It should get out there and introduce itself.

We offer a range of SEO services, but we recommend an integrated online marketing package:

  • A quality, SEO-optimized website
  • Regular, high-quality blogging
  • Consistent social media management
  • Regular content marketing campaigns
  • Analytics to drive strategy

It has been our experience that this approach produces the best results, and that the cost of implementing this plan is comparable to many traditional marketing initiatives, but with a much better ROI. In partnership with you, we can help your website become an integral — and profitable — part of your overall marketing strategy.

Get Your SEO Strategy Document

Start with an SEO Strategy


The majority of companies do not use data to determine their online marketing strategy. In fact, a recent survey of healthcare companies in particular found that just 21% actually have a strategy for their online marketing.

Often, the content for the company website comes from a brochure and there is no strategic planning before the website is built… or after.

Hope is not a strategy.

We believe in beginning with a thorough site audit and developing a strategy for you.

When we implement your strategy, we continue to use analytics data to measure the success of the strategy and to respond to new opportunities and challenges.

You can also hire us to perform an online audit and create the SEO Strategy Document for you to implement in-house.