social media

Social media is now a necessity.

Recent studies have found encouraging information about social media for business:

  • More than half of companies report that they’ve gained customers through social media– for example, 62% have received customers from LinkedIn.
  • One controlled study found that search engine rankings improve by as much as 14% with social media use.
  • Social media provides the lowest cost-per-impression of any marketing medium.

You’ve seen figures like this yourself, of course. You probably also know that social media ROI is still hard to measure. It’s easier than measuring the ROI of a billboard or a TV ad, but it’s still hard to say for sure what social media does for any one particular website.

Here’s what you can say for sure: ignoring social media is no longer an option. Your customers and potential customers look for you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and maybe also Pinterest, G+, and YouTube. If you’re not there, you’re making a statement.

Make a better statement with regular, influential social media. Haden Interactive social media management guarantees regular, quality participation, even when you’re too busy to think about social media.

We’ll identify the most effective channels and make you look good there. Call 479.966.9761, or email to get started.






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