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How Old Are Facebook Users?

How old are Facebook users? Getting older every day. The Economist tracked down the most reliable data on the question, and they have shared the facts.

People in their 40s use Facebook way more than teenagers. The fastest growing group is 45-65. And people over 65 are catching up.

While total users still peak at 25-34, the numbers from the Economist are not just counting everyone who has a Facebook account (everyone?), but those who actually visit at least once a month. Fairly regular users are a little older than that, and increasing in age.

What does this mean for your use of Facebook as a marketing platform?

How old are your customers?

If you have a physical place of business, you probably know the age range for your typical customer. If women from 25-55 are your most frequent visitors on a typical day, that’s probably who your website is talking to, as well.

Online only? Or you want to be sure that your online audience is in the same age range as your physical world customers? Google Analytics has a Demographics report that shows age data.


It might not be that simple. For example, we’ve learned that CBD customers range across the age span, but the orders from elderly CBD customers have an average basket size about double that of customers in their 20s. You might want to reach out to the older customers, even if they’re not your audience right now.

In any case, if you’re selling to young teens, Facebook is probably not your best platform. You might be better off with TikTok.

How recreational are you?

Facebook is a playful place, and Facebook ads have always done more for shoes and nightclubs than for business services. The more likely people are to hang around squealing excitedly over your offerings, the better Facebook is going to perform for you.

This concept stretches a bit. We find that Facebook is very good for political issues and causes.

Avid investors? Not so much.

Find out what interests your visitors and think seriously about whether those interests are something that goes with free time or with business time.

Don’t ignore the numbers

First, don’t forget that Facebook is the largest social network in the world. You will reach more total people on Facebook than TikTok, no matter what age group your target market represents.

Remember that Facebook allows you to narrow in on specific age groups, as well as Lookalike audiences and other useful groupings.

And while you’re paying attention to the numbers, be sure not to miss your own data. Do you get plenty of traffic from Facebook? Does that traffic convert? Then your interest in Facebook’s age demographics can be academic. If your own data shows that teen fans click through and buy the lipstick your company advertises on Facebook, you can ignore every article that tells you teens don’t use Facebook any more.

Get on Instagram and TikTok, too, though. Third-party data can give you useful insights that may begin to show up in your first-party data in the future.







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