Social Media Trends

Social media is unpredictable. You can look at everything that happened over the last year, size it up, speculate, and make the most informed prediction about this upcoming year, and you can be totally wrong. It’s not your fault though. It’s like the weather man getting blamed for a rainstorm that wasn’t supposed to be there.

The truth is, social media isn’t some secret dark art carried out by clairvoyants. It’s as unpredictable as human nature. You can’t whip out your crystal ball, throw a bat wing into a bubbling cauldron, and plot out your entire social media strategy for the upcoming year.

You have to watch social media and see what direction it’s going in. Keep up with the trends and see which ones last and which ones fade. Social media is all about engagement in every aspect. Here are some things to keep in mind and watch over the next year.

  • Content is key for business and social media is a great tool to boost content. Social media platforms provide an outlet to increase the reach of your content. Businesses should be trying to make the most of this tool.
  • Instagram is big and getting bigger. It’s basically candy. Instagram is bright and colorful, but lacking substance. However, that doesn’t matter because people love candy and love Instagram. Businesses looking to benefit from image based social media should consider the Facebook-owned network.
  • Over the past few years, video has been playing more and more of a role in social media. Snapchat and Instagram have played a big part in the trend, but Facebook has entered the fray as well. This past year, Facebook has had more video views than Youtube.
  • Bringing money into social media is a trend whose time has come. Shopping on social media will increase, Facebook could offer free money transfers through the messenger app. Mobile payment is fertile land, and many big companies are battling for it.

Social media is already mobile. In fact, most of the world is already mobile, but that doesn’t change the fact that social media will continue to be geared towards smart devices. The desktop is the horse and buggy; tablets and smartphones are the main devices for viewing social media.








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