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Regular blogging, whether you use that term or not, is a reliable key to successful content marketing. Create several high-quality articles every week and over time you will show up consistently for lots of keywords. This isn’t controversial. But what if you don’t have the resources for that? Is it better not to blog at all than to publish something once every few weeks?

It’s better to post something new once a month than not to post any fresh content at all. But you shouldn’t think of that as blogging.

The popular blog posts

Every website we blog for has a handful of articles that are more popular and bring in more visits, month after month and year after year.

Those are valuable posts, for sure. However, less popular posts can also be very important. They may lead to more conversions. They may be the best answer on the web for a specialized question that matters to your particular target market. They may be ahead of the curve, lying ready for an upcoming trend.

It’s important to know not only how your posts are performing in terms oof bringing traffic to your website, but also what other value they provide for your website. This is especially true if your content marketing plan is based on an occasional article. 

Low-key content marketing

If you plan to do low-quantity content marketing, you basically need to publish only the most valuable posts. 

Three blog posts a week? Answer every question your target market asks. Provide useful information about every topic your patients bring up. Surprise your readers with intriguing new topics. 

In amongst those articles, there will be some that bring plenty of traffic and conversions.

If you only publish once a month, you have to publish only the most valuable articles.

Here’s how:

  • Put plenty of energy into your keyword research. Find the search terms your audience uses most often and make sure you offer a really good answer to their question. Frequent blogging lets you work on lots of keywords, but occasional posts don’t give you that opportunity. You need to make sure you focus on the most important keywords.
  • Dig deep into your analytics. Make sure you know what kind of post performs best. Then tweak your articles until they perform at that level. This requires a good understanding of web analytics and an ability to align the characteristics of the article with the performance.
  • Don’t ignore SEO. We have clients who write well and like to do occasional posts of their own for their websites. They create authoritative articles. However, they don’t know how to communicate with search engines. Their highly authoritative articles rarely perform as well as ours.

Is this a DIY task?

Frankly, you probably won’t get the best results by doing this yourself. If you’re saving money by doing your own content marketing, you may feel that a once-a-month posting is more realistic than more frequent posts. However,  each of those occasional articles needs to knock it out of the park.

Regular, high quality blogging increases the value of your website. Monthly articles don’t have the same effect. Each one has to do its own work, without the benefits of regular blogging. Quality is even more important than usual.

And quality is always important.

It makes sense to get help with your strategy. We can prepare a strategy for you which you can implement in-house. Contact us today and get a good start for the coming year.







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