The Importance of Google Places

Is your business listed in Google Places? The Basilica shown here is, but you don’t have to be a famous location to get in on this.

It’s a fairly simple process to get listed, to claim your listing, and to improve your listing with additional information. Doing a good job of it could take you a bit of time, though, so a lot of companies leave it on their “to-do later” list for months (years?) on end.

I learned something at the  Google Earth Summit today that makes me want to remind everyone to get that Places information updated and the listing claimed.

When people work with Google Earth, adding 3-D buildings to their communities, putting in information, and otherwise improving and adding to the data there, the information from Google Places is pulled in. When your office building gets an update in Google Earth, your data is pulled into Google Earth, so that people paying a virtual visit to your city will see who does business in your building.

Tourists coming to your town, for example, can see information about your restaurant. People learning something about the history of their town can see that your business is now housed in that former warehouse. Someone looking around their new neighborhood can find your service.

Over 1 billion people have downloaded Google Earth. Many of them (we’ve learned at this summit) don’t use Twitter and Facebook. With no additional effort beyond getting your Places page together, you can put yourself quite literally on their map in a way that is useful to your business. It’s as though the city map for your town would agree to put your tagline and logo on the location of your business on the map. For free.

What are you waiting for? Go to and sign up. Need help? Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to assist. Shout to and get on the calendar.






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